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World First Detoxifying Soy Candle

Clean home fragrance experience

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Not just a candle

This new generation fragrance candle is designed to eliminate common household odours on a molecular level*, leaving your space with a curated Australian fresh air experience.

From the lab of nature

All-natural and plant-derived, SENSORI+ Air Detoxifying Aromatic Soy Candle contains ChlorosPURE®, an exclusive green technology developed in Australia that provides a gentle healing solution to our living environment.

Natural soy wax candle

No paraffin, beeswax or palm wax is used

Plant based fragrance oil

All fragrances are 100% natural essential oil extracted from plant

ChlorosPURE® Air Purifying Technology

Air Detoxifying Candle has 87%+ average removal ratio on common house hold odours*

Inspired by Australian nature

Refresh your space with Australian nature-inspired natural fragrances

Detoxifying Soy Candle Collection

Stimulate Your Senses Gently with Australian Nature Inspired Scents

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Loved By All

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Corner inspirations ~~ @sensoriplus candles are bae!!


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This collection brings more than just Australian nature inspired scents to your home.


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The Gayndah Orchid scent of their products is my absolute favourite. With notes of Bergamot Rind, Neroli and Cedarwood, the citrusy scent is so luxe.


*Based on environmental science lab test results, unscented Soy Wax containing ChlorosPURE® can work on odour molecules from hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, food and mold with an average removal ratio of 87%


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