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Mother’s Day With Erin Maxwell

Mother’s Day With Erin Maxwell

In honour of Mothers Day on May 12th, we interviewed lifestyle photographer, creative and mother of three Erin Maxwell who shares her experience and lessons learnt from motherhood.

Mother’s Day With Erin Maxwell

How are you planning to spend Mothers Day?

Without any plans! Going with the flow and just doing whatever the kids and Nick want to do. We usually go out for breakfast/ brunch and just spend the day together which is perfect.

How do you balance being a mum and working?

It’s an ongoing balance that doesn’t always work out but that’s the beauty of life I guess. You just have to make everyday work and if it doesn’t go to plan you just move to the next day. My studio /office space is at home so there isn’t as much of a clear sense of work and home as there maybe if I was physically going to an office and i am mindful of that.

Working for yourself, by yourself also leaves any hour fair game to get what needs to be done done. I have my camera all the time shooting around when we are out and our daily stories just for us so the kids don’t really see that as work maybe but the phone and computer out means business so its important to get that done when they are at school. I do also love that they know and can see what I actually do so if they are a part of a story for a brand I teach them about the process of that and show them the brief, editing and storyboarding for what I am shooting and creating as well as them being paid. When they cross into work zone I want them to know what’s going on there too.

What has been the most challenging and rewarding part of motherhood for you?

The most rewarding so far would be seeing them each have their own unique personalities and sense of self, individually. They are beautiful friends and miss each other when they are not around and genuinely love having each other as family and we are a team.
Motherhood has this incredible ability to make you check yourself all the time and the mirrors that are looking back at you listening and taking in what you do and say is a big responsibility.
The most challenging thing is to be on and aware of your words and actions all the time. I have an amazing husband in Nick and having him with me pre kids allowed me to be very secure and confident with who I was and what I believed in so it wasn’t a massive awakening for me but becoming a mother made me really cement exactly who I was and what I stood for and the kind of mother I wanted them to see and have. Be proud of me too and look up to our values and choices so they can make their own.

What is the biggest lesson your mum taught you?

To be who you are. Listen to your heart and don’t be afraid to take a chance.

Why is using natural products important to you as a mother?

The environment you live in is so important and when I am in charge of what kind of products and elements they are exposed to in the home it makes you think about everything you choose. The education we are giving to our babies and how they live in this world is what is going to shape them and the mindset they have about our planet.
I want them to be minimalists in how they consume and we have to be wary of how we are teaching them. They need to know about the ingredients and the effects they have on us and our planet.

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