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Ingredient Spotlight: Lavender

Ingredient Spotlight: Lavender

Lavender and its many uses have been documented across history, from the Ancient Egyptian mummification and perfume making process, to Roman cooking and bathing. The herb is native to northern Africa as well as the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean but has since been grown worldwide to match the demand for its many uses.

Ingredient Spotlight: Lavender

Harnessing the benefits of this super herb will often require lavender oil extraction. It takes almost 1kg of lavender plant to create 10ml of this potent and incredibly useful essential oil. This is most commonly done through a steam distillation process whereby large quantities of the plant are placed in a container of water and brought to a boil in order to produce steam. This steam is captured in an ice-cold condenser that captures the lavender essence.

Whilst the linalool that makes up over half of the lavender flower is responsible for its distinctively strong floral scent, lavender as a whole has a number of stand out benefits and uses that we have listed below.

Healing herb

The Ancient Romans were known to scent the air using Lavender after recognising not only its distinctive fragrance but its antiseptic and healing qualities. The plant has also shown antiseptic properties that assist in destroying bacteria, alleviating the effects of bee stings and migraines as well as warding off moths in the home. Its anti-inflammatory properties have also been shown to aid in reducing asthma symptoms.

Dose of calm

The scent of lavender has been used in aromatherapy for hundreds of years to help not only fall asleep faster but to improve the quality of shut eye. It is the calming effects of lavender on the brain that facilitate this and seen it used in the treatment of many health issues including anxiety, insomnia, headaches and depression.

Beauty solution

The sweet scent of lavender means you may have seen this herb used in many bath and fragrance products, however its anti-inflammatory properties make it excellent for many skin remedies. Lavender oil is effective at killing bacteria so can be used for stubborn acne spots or to soothe inflamed areas of eczema. If you have sunburn, diluting a few drops of the oil into a spray bottle of water can be a great way to soothe your skin.

Air Detoxification

The antibacterial and antiseptic qualities of Lavender make it a powerful addition to the air you breathe. Nervous exhaustion and tension are also balanced by the calming properties of Lavender when sprayed into your environment.

It is easy to see how this plant has fast become a SENSORI+ favourite and why we have included it in our new Toowoomba Carnival Air Detoxifying Mist. For your dose, shop the fresh air experience now.