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Interview: Knitwear Designer, Chris Ran Lin

Interview: Knitwear Designer, Chris Ran Lin

Contemporary knitwear designer, Chris Ran Lin sits down with us in the lead up to his Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival runway show to discuss his latest collection and exciting collaboration with Sensori+

Interview: Knitwear Designer, Chris Ran Lin

Where did your label begin?

I grew up in China but moved to Melbourne 15 years ago when I was 18. After completing RMIT’s Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design I took some time to further explore my design concepts and ended up creating my first range. I took the range overseas where it was very well received, people began asking me how they could place orders and so by 2014 I began selling the pieces and Chris Ran Lin the label was born.

How would you describe your most recent runway collection?

My 2019 Autumn/Winter collection, Dangerous Goods was designed to appreciate those working in high risk environments. I found inspiration in the uniforms and protective garments of construction workers and emergency services and interpreted them into contemporary wear for this collection. The details are subtle but form the whole concept behind the pieces you’ll see on the runway.



Who is the Chris Ran Lin man or woman?

When I design, I don’t necessarily have someone in mind. My designs have always come back to people being comfortable in what they are wearing. I want them to own the pieces of clothing that they wear in their own unique way and have it form part of themselves. I want to create a unique and uniform look for the client to be able to represent as they see fit. I previously only designed menswear however this collection will be unique in that I have created a small range of womenswear as I saw a lot of women previously buying and appreciating the pieces. So I saw the opportunity to represent the power, confidence and independence of the women buying my pieces and thought I should give them dedicated options this time around.



What inspired your collaboration with Sensori+?

The coming together of the two brands was incredibly seamless as I felt the story of our brand matched each other perfectly. Sensori+ aspire to a clean and natural offering that improves the world we live in and so our brand DNA matched perfectly. I really connected with that pursuit of a natural feeling. I have always designed wanting people to be natural and themselves.

In terms of packaging, the orange colour was a key link to the latest collection. I also added the knit print on top as a strong element of our branding and emphasised this more with the knit pouch offered with the product. I wanted the customers to feel that they were really getting our brand when they purchased this product, not just any other Sensori+ mist. This design felt authentic to both of us.

How did you choose the scent for the new Air Detoxifying Mist collaboration?

The scent was heavily influenced by my own core philosophy surrounding individuality and making something your own. When I personally wear a fragrance I am always picking something unisex. Once I wear it, the scent is my own and not for anyone else as it takes on its own meaning. I try to do that with my designs so I hope this scent also gives the feeling that you can make it your own and that each person will find something interesting in it for themselves. Thats why we have a soft mixture of grapefruit and the woody scents. There is a blend of the masculine and feminine that can be interpreted however or wherever the individual chooses to spray it.



What is your favourite way to use the Air Detoxifying Mist?

Oh wow, I use it everywhere and anywhere! I spray it in the air but also sometimes on my clothes, I love being able to work it into many aspects of my life.

CRL created the scent with the same philosophies as his design work. It’s neither masculine nor feminine; interpret it in your own way. The mist comes in a knitted, sustainably sourced sleeve with custom packaging to compliment CRL’s AW19 collection. Exclusively available online for a limited time.

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