How Your Environment Can Affect Your Health

Andrew Cornale
March 26, 2020

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How your environment can affect your health

Physical, chemical and other natural forces are elements that contribute to your overall health. Have you ever thought that it may be your environment that is causing you stress or tension? We are constantly interacting with the world we live in and adapting to the conditions it offers. Whether your body adapts in a way that is positive or negative is very dependent on where we live and the choices we make to reduce the possible harm on our health. Consider the following environmental factors that can impact your overall health.

How your environment can affect your health




Food Source & Quality

It is not only the type of food you are putting in your body that can impact your health. Consideration must be given to where your food comes from and its quality. Foods grown in an environment that is sustained and propelled by chemical usage can be contaminated or limited to the amount of nutrients present. Whilst pesticide use is carefully moderated by governing bodies, consumers should be aware of the potential risks of long term exposure such as birth defects, nerve damage and cancer. Where possible, buy organic, particularly for children who are most susceptible to the effects of these chemicals.
Where your food is sourced and how far it has to travel to be available to you will also impact its quality. The further your food has to travel, the more nutrients it loses in the process and the more shipping and transportation that needs to occur. This creates more air pollution that in turn leads to potential health haphazard. All the more reason to shop locally and in season.

Water Contamination

The chemicals we use not only to produce food on mass but for the production of clothing, machinery and pharmaceuticals can all be passed into the soil we use to grow food as well as the water we use to drink, grow our food, wash and come into contact with daily. This is not only an issue prevalent in third world countries, the Australian government is constantly screening and filtering our water supplies for contaminants.Consuming these chemicals, even in a small amount, over the long term can have serious impacts on your health. In contrast, there are some instances where water is used to positively impact your health. Australia fortifies its water with naturally occurring fluoride in small doses to protect teeth against decay.

Sights & Sounds

Your senses are highly sensitive and when aggravated can trigger negative effects on both your emotional and physical health. Both noise and ‘visual noise’ where spaces are cluttered, dirty or unnatural increase your stress levels to some extent. Over the long term this can lead to serious heart conditions, high blood pressure and more. By contrast, environments that are calming and natural can make us feel pleasantly stimulated and relaxed. Consider wearing noise cancelling headphones for excessive worksite noise, adding indoor plants to your office or living space and spending quality time in nature, be that in a lunchtime walk or weekends spent in the sun.

Indoor Air Quality

Mold, dust and other toxic contaminants present in the air we breathe can contribute to many chronic conditions we face today. Our modern lifestyles mean that the air we breathe is constantly contaminated by the by-products of construction, pollution, secondhand smoke, chemical fumes, air bound viruses and bacteria. These toxins are taken into the body and absorbed through the lungs with every breath we take which takes a toll on our health, be it evident through minor symptoms or in far more serious ways. That is why it is our mission to clean the air we breathe.

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