The Best Uses for Signature Unscented

Andrew Cornale
March 26, 2020

Epitomising the Sensori+ ambition, our Signature Unscented 0000 Air Detoxifying Mist was engineered as the definitive Clean Air Solution. Designed for delivering the ultimate freshness, our Signature Unscented 0000 not only leaves your space odourless, but acts to remedy the air itself, helping you to feel better and ultimately improve your wellbeing.

Untouched sanctuary, brimming with resources and characterised

Australia lives in our collective imagination as an untouched sanctuary, brimming with resources and characterised as one of the most well-preserved natural environments on Earth. In reality, critical air contamination is reaching alarming levels even in our most ‘liveable’ of cities, and there is simply no shortage of pollutants in our modern urban spaces.

Sources of common irritants and even harmful toxins seem to surround us, with the worrying consequences of contamination including headaches, nausea, tiredness, asthma, skin irritations, respiratory problems and even cancer.

Signature Unscented 0000 has the highest concentration of Sensori+’s cutting edge green technology, ChlorosPURE®, with no added scent. Originally proven to work in commercial air pollution treatment, leaving little room for doubt over its effectiveness, ChlorosPURE® has traditionally been employed to treat airborne toxins in the textile, smelting, water processing, printing and livestock industries.

Lab tested and recognised as working on over 100 air toxins with a 96% removal ratio, ChlorosPURE® is a refined natural compound sustainably extracted from Australian plants, it is pH neutral, non-irritant and infant safe.

It is truly, and essentially, multipurpose.

Sensori+ recognised the enormous potential of introducing the cutting edge green technology of ChlorosPURE® into the world of domestic wellbeing. Now proudly certified for domestic use, the ChlorosPURE® inclusion in our range gives the Signature Unscented 0000 Air Detoxifying Solution no shortage of applications.

How do you use Signature Unscented 0000?

Simply spray four pumps in the immediate space where refreshing is needed!

Personal Hygiene

Let’s start with you! Yes, our detoxifying solutions can be sprayed directly onto clothing to remove any unwanted odours, and properly restore your confidence. Speaking of odours…

Common, Unwanted Scents

Permeating smoke, excitable pets, gym clothing, pungent foods, soiled nappies – just a few of the regular albeit unwanted visitors frequenting our homes. Thankfully, each is easily eradicated with Signature Unscented 0000. As our range is entirely natural and infant safe, it is able to be used anywhere throughout your home.

Antibacterial and Allergy Prevention

Not only is our spray itself non-irritant, it actively reduces the presence of foreign irritants in our personal living spaces. It’s all too easy for toxins to make their way indoors. Bacteria, mould, spore, dust and smoke find passage from the outside in, threatening the safety of our own personal sanctuaries. The technology of our Signature Unscented 0000 breaks down the surface properties of these toxic chemical molecules and destroys them. Restoring air quality to what it should be – healing, not harmful.

Airborne Toxins Removal

You know that fresh paint smell? Unpleasant and unfortunately, unhealthy. We suggest that you combat the odour of your freshly painted room or even your new furniture by spraying Signature Unscented 0000 into the affected room daily. The ChlorosPURE® technology is a powerful tool in combatting harsh chemical gases including Formaldehyde, Benzene, Ammonia and other volatile organic compounds.

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