The Science Behind Sensori+

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November 15, 2018

To clean the air we breathe, we must subtract from it. Where traditional products aspire only to distract inhabitants from air contamination, Sensori+ aims to cure it. Masking malodours by disguising air toxins only further threatens the safety of our living environments, cluttering the space with additional chemical compounds. But purification is a process of elimination, not of addition.

So, Sensori+ begins not simply with scent, but with science.

Green technology that heals, not hurts.
Cleaner, safer air. It’s a simple ambition, with a not-so-simple solution.
But purification is a process of elimination, not of addition.

Rising populations, urbanisation, and the overconsumption of natural resources have introduced a new threat to our domestic spaces – air contamination. Yet while our major cities are now experiencing dangerous levels of pollution, the problem of air quality is not a new one. In the textile, smelting, water processing, printing and livestock industries the threat of toxicity in faced daily, and commercial air pollution treatment has been engineered, developed, and applied for several years. As air pollution begins to permeate new and sacred environments, Sensori+ sought to ensure its solution did the same.

The Scientific Solution for home fragrance

By introducing revolutionary green technology, Sensori+ has been empowered to engineer our Clean Air Solution. That technology is ChlorosPURE®.

What is ChlorosPURE®?

ChlorosPURE® is a refined, natural, pH neutral compound sustainably extracted from Australian plants that achieves air toxin and malodour neutralisation. ChlorosPURE®’s effect is at once qualitative and quantitative. It is proven to eliminate over 100 air toxins with a 96% removal ratio, and to neutralise malodour. Not only effective, the technology is truly environmentally friendly, greatly reducing energy consumption for economic and environmental benefit.

How does ChlorosPURE® work?

Through a process of molecular degradation and redox reaction. The process starts with a spray that atomises ChlorosPURE® into droplets with a radius of <0.04mm, allowing it the best adsorption and permeation capability.

Essentially, ChlorosPURE®’s key feature is its ability to analyse the “fingerprints” of air toxin molecules, to alter their surface properties, and then to provide dedicated decomposers that dissolve the chemical components so that the toxic molecule can be separated, and the source of contamination deconstructed. The biochemical reaction sees ChlorosPURE® catalyse, redox, and react to insoluble chemical odour components, meaning that the toxic molecules are actually transformed into inorganic compounds within seconds.

It’s a natural filtration, degradation, and purification process that is completely non-toxic and astonishingly efficient.

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