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The perfect winter escape: a weekend in Gayndah

The perfect winter escape: a weekend in Gayndah

Four hours on the road headed northwest from Brisbane will have you in the centre of Queensland’s citrus growing region and the country town of Gayndah. Whilst in many ways this destination is typical of a regular Australian country town, it lays its claim to fame by being the self-proclaimed ‘Orange Capital of Queensland’, with the ‘Big Orange’ to match. More than just citrus, this town boasts a number of attractions we’ve put together to form your next weekend away.

The perfect winter escape: a weekend in Gayndah

Enjoy the view

A short drive up Pineapple street (the fruit references never end) will lead you to Archer’s Lookout, atop the Duke and Duchess Mountain, overlooking the town and surrounding countryside. The panoramic view of Gayndah will allow you to get the lay of the land and catch a glimpse of the very important Burnett River.  While you’re at it, the Ideraway Upside Down Bridge can be found 10km north of Gayndah. This unusual structure is as it sounds, an upside down railway bridge,  secured with arches built from below instead of above.

Visit the town museum

If history is your thing, you’ll love the Gayndah Museum. Packed with everything from the 18th century trucks and farm equipment to a display of both prehistoric lung fish fossils and two live lung fish. If that still hasn’t satisfied your taste for history, head to the towns combined Council Chambers, Memorial Hall and Town Hall for an art deco, architectural feast for the eyeballs.

Time for the town’s main squeeze

Let’s be real, you’re here to see some citrus and if you plan your trip around the end of April, you could join thousands of others for the towns biennial Gayndah Orange Festival. The towns hero fruit is celebrated with a week-long festival including a street parade, markets as well as citrus eating, throwing and packing competitions. If you missed out, there are plenty of orchards in town and the surrounding areas that will have you more then stocked up on your winter cold-busting vitamin C.

Get a taste for life on the farm

When you’ve had enough oranges , head to the Gleneden Family Farm for a traditional and unique organic family farm experience. This natural, ethical and sustainable property offers tours showcasing family friendly farming, ethical produce and heritage displays. Book a tour for the day or choose to stay with their eco bush camping packages that mean you can wake up surrounded by the spectacular farmland. This is the perfect opportunity to get back to nature and enjoy the fresh air. While you’re there, try your hand at their rage of farm skills and kitchen craft workshops, all based around their chemical-free and home grown foods. 

As you’re travelling, keep an eye out for a few of the towns unusual quirks. The road signs are vertical, think one letter on top of each other and if you are a fan of a mystery, ask the locals about the legend of the Gayndah Bear. It’s something along the lines of the abominable snowman and the Lochness Monster….

Can’t wait to experience it for yourself? Shop our Gayndah Orchard Air Detoxifying Mist for a combination of cold-pressed bergamot orange rind, cedar wood & neroli that paints a beautiful picture of this charming Queensland town.