SENSORI+ provides wellness and beauty experiences beyond senses.

Science, Nature and Pleasure; not a contradiction but the ultimate manifestation of harmony when the delicate balance is respected.

SENSORI+ is founded based on this principle; providing solutions which contain the highest level of efficacy, sensorial experience as well as the care for the environment.

Choose consciously, Choose balance, Choose a greener future.


A new fusion of scent and science

The development of our first range, Air Detoxifying Aromatic Mists, is based on our reflections on the traditional fragrance and air care industry. The hidden truth is that traditional odour solutions and air sprays act as ‘masking’ agents, cluttering the air with further chemical compounds and synthetic scents.

Just as breathing is vital to human life, scent is vital to human connection. By having ChlorosPURE® technology, SENSORI+ has reasons to believe that curing the air we breathe is a process of elimination, not of addition.

We seek to improve wellbeing by restoring the air in our urban spaces to its purest form, and in doing so, conjure the ether of Australia’s most natural environments in the rooms of our lives.

SENSORI+ traveled to those untouched Australian preserves in search of unique scent blends, capturing their essence to create aromatic mists that evoke each iconic location through the power of fragrance.

Moving along with our pledge to invigorate all senses, it was fitting for us to evolve into the second chapter of our journey, touch is perhaps the most sensorial feeling of all.

In partnership with our scientists and laboratories we have advanced an innovative solution for the skin’s need of the modern life traveler. This collection not only addresses the problems that the fast-paced lifestyle presents but also, promises the journey of serenity.


From the wellbeing beyond senses to products beyond being clean, SENSORI+ is pioneering the new horizon of SAFE BEAUTY. Clean ingredients, safe formula and kind to the environment has become our motto to every product we develop and every decision we make. Join us on the journey to a greener tomorrow together.


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