Innovative Australian Beauty & Wellness Brand SENSORI+ Is Launching A New Kind Of Hand Sanitiser In Safe Hands With SENSORI+

George Leighton
August 6, 2020

SENSORI+ was born from the desire to bring the benefits of nature and overall wellness into people’s fast paced life. This is with this in mind that after years of scientific research the brand first launched introducing the ChlorosPURE® technology through their now cult product: the SENSORI+ Air Detoxifying Mist. With the current situation linked to the COVID-19’s outbreak, it was only natural for SENSORI+ to immediately react and put their scientific knowledge and their team to work to bring people a natural yet efficient hand sanitiser.

75% alcohol = within the concentration range recommended by the World Health Organisation*

The SENSORI+ Hydra Detox hand sanitiser is formulated with 75% sugar cane distilled alcohol which is the concentration that meets the World Health Recommended Standards on protecting users from COVID-19. Disinfectant with alcohol content higher than the recommended amount evaporates too quickly in air and will shorten its effective time on skin surface. 75% alcohol also has the best penetration rate into the core of bacteria and virus structure, while higher alcohol content may harden the protein surface of the virus forming a ‘protecting shell’ for its core.

A natural formula that will keep you safe whilst looking after your skin

All natural and plant derived, this effective yet hydrating formula kills 99.9% bacteria on skin surface, leaving hands clean, soft and fresh and protecting you from skin irritations & dry cuticles often experienced when using classic hand sanitiser. The product being in liquid form vs gel it doesn’t leave the hands sticky and only a couple of sprays are required which means your bottle will last a long time.

And detoxifies…

Featuring the ChlorosPURE® detoxifying technology the SENSORI+ Hand Sanitiser also detoxifies your skin and removes pollutants accumulated through the day.


SENSORI+ is driven by the love of nature and is committed to offer vegan & cruelty free products using natural active ingredients. Bringing the benefits of nature in people’s busy lives and giving them visible results through innovative products, SENSORI+ is also dedicated to contribute to the long-term solution on climate change by using sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging. OCD Monday 23rd of March 2020 STOCKISTS David Jones Amazon

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