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When Old Traditions Meet New Technology

When Old Traditions Meet New Technology

For as long as humans have been able to detect scents, we have been obsessed with fragrance and the ability to bottle it. Tapping into our sense of smell as a way to trigger a feeling or memory is an art form that has been explored and perfected over many years. 

When Old Traditions Meet New Technology

Scent extraction and the ability to capture the essence of something accurately has made it possible for you to carry a memory or experience a feeling when you enter a space, with only a breath.

Ancient Egyptians considered fragrance a sign of status and the Romans heavily linked their oil perfumeries with practices of worship. In Ancient China, the relationship with scent was less to do with wearing perfume and more so with purifying special spaces such as their homes. There was an emphasis on scent to be used for disinfecting as it was believed that they could eliminate disease from a room with incense and scent extractions. A true breakthrough in perfume production occurred in Italy, where they discovered how to create aqua mirabilis, a clear substance made of 95% alcohol that was infused with a strong scent to create what we now know as liquid perfume.

Separating the aromatic compounds from raw materials has since become a fine art and scent extraction now takes many forms: distillation, sieving, expression or a French plant extraction process and enfleurage. To some extent all techniques slightly alter the original fragrance and so it takes true skill to select the best process to create modern scents that preserve the truest and most captivating form.

When developing the Sensori+ Air Detoxifying Mists, a large focus was placed on creating scents that paint a picture of unique Australian landscapes upon first contact. In order to do so, the process of scent selection and then extraction was heavily considered for each individual fragrance. When creating the Gayndah Orchard Mist, the delightful memories of cool afternoons spent in the citrus orchards of Queensland’s north are evoked with a blend of hand cold-pressed bergamot oil, precious neroli and lingering cedar wood notes.

The bergamot orange was integral for this mist and so Sensori+ chose to source the scent from a traditional bergamot farm, Capua Estate, who extract the bergamot oil with a traditional slow-folding process, sfumatura. This manual extraction process requires the fruit to be picked before maturity and have the skin scraped off and dipped into water where an emulsion process occurs, to allow for a separation of the essence from the water. Each drop of bergamot oil is considered very precious as every kilogram of bergamot fruit produces only 5 to 6 grams of golden coloured essential oil. It can take up to 1000 bergamot oranges to produce one kilogram of the oil.

These traditional methods of scent extraction provide the highest quality fragrances that are combined with advanced ChlorosPURE® technology to create a new generation of home fragrance and odour solution in our Air Detoxifying Mists. Treat your senses and shop the range.

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