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5 Summer Skin Hacks!

Beach, sun, and holiday season, what is not to love about Australian summer?  However, do you know that moisture in our skin evaporates up to 10 times faster in hot weather?   Here are 5 simple steps to maintain skin wellness in summer heat and bring your dream summer glow just in time for holiday.

Yes. You read it right! 20 is the magical number to get you through heat. We all know that it is recommended for a person to drink 8 oz glasses (1L) of water per day. However, during the warmer months, it is recommended by health professionals that you drink 2.5L = 20 oz glasses.  

Long-lasting hydration or light texture? Which is the better choice when picking your summer moisturiser? Why can’t you have both?   If that is the question you have been asking every summer, then Cloud Cream is the answer you have been searching for.  

18H Hydra & Rejuvenating Cloud Cream

What is special about it:

-    Ultra-lightweight texture just like a cloud

-    Lab proven 18-HR non-stop hydration empowered by avocado oil

-    Balanced and rejuvenated skin with niacinamide and red algae extract  

Recipe no. 1 A healthy gut means glowing skin – it’s that simple.

Full of fresh and healthy tummy-loving probiotics, this smoothie will keep both your belly and your skin happy as can be.

Simply blend: 1 mango 1 cup of carrots 1/2 cup pineapple 1 cup kombucha


Taking too long to see a result and sounding like too much work? Try SENSORI+'s kombucha smoothie Recipe no.2 for your face with 21 days guaranteed glow:   Clarifying & Strengthening Serum-in-Oil

What’s special about it:

-    Unique bi-phase formula with soothing hemp seed oil

-    9 million probiotics from kombucha & 12% prebiotics from artichoke in just 1 bottle

-    21 days guaranteed more even, smoother, and healthier-looking skin  



We all love a sun-kissed look from our trip to the beach. While enjoying the sun and summer breeze, do not forget to apply sunscreen as frequently as needed to protect your delicate skin from sunburn.


Want to bring that Instagram filter-like, luminous glow to your skin rapidly? Try this secret 6 weeks skin overhaul ritual that is loved by lots of global beauty influencers  


Rescue Recovery+ Healing CPR Facial Elixir

What’s special about it:


-    Transformative skin treatment with extremely concentrated natural botanic ingredients for complete skin renewal, restoring radiance, even tone and smooth skin texture

-    Strengthen skin barrier and soothe skin inflammations with hemp seed oil

-    Best after sun care in case you missed Step 4 😊 with gentle yet potent olive squalene    




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