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Enjoying A Sustainable Christmas

All those festive trees don’t necessarily make Christmas a green holiday. In fact, there tends to be a lot of wasteful purchases and high electricity bills that take a toll on the environment and your budget during the holiday season. The good news is, it doesn’t take much effort or imagination to show some extra care to the environment this holiday season. Here are our top tips for a more sustainable Christmas.

Enjoying A Sustainable Christmas


Every little bit counts so this year have a silly but sustainable festive season.

Go Plastic Free


The festive season is more than just one day so don’t forget those sustainable habits in the lead up, like shopping with a list to reduce waste and remembering to BYO bags and containers for your Christmas grocery shop.

Plastic is anything but ‘disposable’ so as tempting as it is to cater to your events with throw-away plates, cups and cutlery, do the environment a favour and just share the load with the washing up. Get fancy and use cloth tablecloths and napkins and remember to recycle any bottles that were once filled with Christmas cheer. Once the festivities are over and you’re saving any leftovers, say no to plastic wrap and make use of glass jars, reusable containers or beeswax wraps instead.


Eat Responsibly


That doesn’t mean you can’t overindulge. In fact, help yourself to that extra serving of pavlova and help the environment while you’re at it by limiting your waste. Plan your Christmas meals more mindfully by doing a head count, buying for sensible portions and shopping locally for your produce. Bulk cooking is also the perfect opportunity to pick the ‘ugly’ produce that is often overlooked.

Create your festive menu based on what will work well for leftovers. You can always reinvent Christmas lunch into different meals the next day or freeze them as back up dinner for the next time you’re lacking inspiration. If there’s too much for your freezer, send your friends and family home with their own containers full to enjoy.


Get Creative With Your Decorations


Go easy on the festive trimmings, there is such a thing as too much tinsel. Instead, use your decorations from last year or get crafty and DIY your wreath or turn your old Christmas cards into a garland.

Before throwing out your old Christmas decorations, consider if someone else may appreciate them. Donate any in acceptable condition and find where you can recycle your old Christmas lights or trade them in for more energy efficient LED versions.

Use a tree or plant you already own as a fun alternative to your Christmas tree. If you do go the traditional route, either invest in a top-quality fake tree which will last many years, or buy a real tree. Come end of December, don’t throw away your natural Christmas tree. Most of councils offer Christmas Tree recycling options such as curbside recycling, non-proft pickups, or other creative ways to re-use Christmas trees such as mulching programs, soil erosion barriers, and bird feeders. A quick Google search is all the planning it requires.

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Every little bit counts so this year have a silly but sustainable festive season.

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