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Introducing Hand Immune Booster


Skin is the largest organ of your body. It works as the first defence when we get in contact with germs. When skin becomes dry and damaged, it can increase the risk of viruses and bacterias entering the body through cuts and cracks. The skin barrier can be weakened by the polluted environment, stress from urban lifestyle, or even frequently washing and sanitising the hands. Our hands are where the skin immunity needs to be the strongest, as they touch hundreds of items every day. A healthy barrier enhances the invulnerability to inflammation and damage and ultimately can assist in blocking the entry of environmental aggressors through the hands. Using the proper hand cream consistently will boost your skin’s moisture levels, improve the skin barrier function and its elasticity, which can help combat the signs of premature ageing.

SENSORI+ is introducing the NEW Hand Immune Booster. A rich and protective hand care infused with plant-derived keratin, multivitamins and probiotic kombucha to boost your skin’s defence system and protect it against nasties. A real boost for your skin’s immunity, the SENSORI+ Hand Immune Booster takes a holistic approach to your skin’s wellbeing, leaving your hands soft and hydrated*. Available in SENSORI+'s three signature scents, Toowoomba Carnival, Gayndah Orchard and Wiruna Night, it not only protects your hands but features a luxurious scent. 


SENSORI+ is driven by the love of nature and is committed to offering vegan and cruelty-free products using natural, active ingredients. Bringing the benefits of nature into people’s busy lives and providing visible results through innovative products, SENSORI+ is dedicated to contributing to the long-term solution to climate change by using sustainably-sourced ingredients and packaging.


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