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Introducing the Barossa Dusk and Cradle Aurora Detoxifying Soy Candles!

Discover the path less traveled! New to our SENSORI+ air-detoxifying soy candle range, the world’s first combination of science and art, the Barossa Dusk and Cradle Aurora scented soy wax candles will transport you to a new place entirely. Crafted from natural and sustainable Australian soy wax, our candles give off a cleaner burn, eliminating any harmful by-products created by non-natural candles. Enriched with 100% natural essential oils, they provide a gentle healing glow to your environment while delivering you a whole new experience in another world.

Barossa Dusk 5352 Detoxifying Soy Candle

When the sun sets over the picturesque wine region of the Barossa Valley, painting the twisting vines with pink and orange hues, nature opens another bottle of its most precious fragrant masterpieces. Take a breath as you descend upon the sun-touched slopes, feeling the last kiss of the day upon your skin, and the onset of night’s chilling embrace. Transport yourself to this idyllic place, and as the stars begin to light up the darkening sky, close your eyes with the taste of wine on your lips and let the natural aromatics take over. Blended with the scent of subtle bush rose, as the petals bow to a dewy caress; the aromatic and minty aroma of native wild eucalyptus leaves swaying in the breeze; and the rich, invigorating scent of rosewood blossoms softly unfurling. SENSORI+ Barossa Dusk 5352 will effortlessly transport you to the softly-lit, misty vineyards of Australia’s most idyllic wine region.

Cradle Aurora 7306 Detoxifying Soy Candle

Hike through the alpine forests and breathtaking landscape of Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain, all from the comfort of home. The pine needles crackle underfoot, and the crisp mountain air awakens your lungs and carries you to the summit in a refreshing embrace. Stare out at the rugged, green landscape and find yourself wrapped in nature as above, the lyrical Aurora lights skim the sky with unique crystalline blends of greens and blues. Crafted with the relaxing, delicate aroma of Tasmanian lavender growing on the hillsides, the crisp tangy scent of fir needles as they brush against your cheek, and the fresh promise of alpine green pine needles creating a bed underfoot, settle down with the Cradle Aurora 7360 candle as your campfire and let the Aurora’s dance guide you to relaxation in this unique World Heritage site.

Compared to conventional fragrance candles which release pungent synthetic scents only as a mask, the ChlorosPURE active ingredients in our soy candles are slow-released to continuously improve air quality. Derived from and inspired by all the elements in our stunning natural Australian landscapes, we’ll bring these spaces to you. Just close your eyes and let SENSORI+ transport you into another world entirely, leaving your space transformed with a carefully curated Australian experience! See the entire SENSORI+ Detoxifying Soy Candle range online now.


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