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Essence vs. Serum vs. Ampoules

What are they good for? Why do you need them?

There are so many products to use alongside everyday moisturiser, and at SENSORI+, your best Australian natural skincare brand, we’ve narrowed down the highest quality ingredients, blending them into cocktails that offer a targeted approach to your skincare wellbeing. So how can they get your skin glowing its healthiest?


Essence is the fifth step in your daily skincare routine, its main function: Hydration! Our SENSORI+ Clarifying and Rejuvenating Treatment Essence is enriched with a powerful plant-based formula to repair and defend skin against daily pollutants. Our unique Probiotic Kombucha evens out the micro depressionary network of the skin, enhancing skin quality and radiance, for visible and instantly smoother results. Sea kelp bio ferment repairs deep damage from pollution and soothes micro-inflammation to rapidly rejuvenate skin. And the natural wonder of broccoli niacinamide supports the skin’s barrier for a more even distribution of moisture, increasing skin’s resilience and shrinking pores.

Together, this carefully crafted blend deeply detoxifies your skin and restores radiance. After treatment with essence your inflammation and acne are reduced and your skin can absorb more goodness from following products. Watch as your skin tone improves in just two days.


Serums are formulated to target the skin for specific skincare results, with boosts of different nutrients and probiotics. Like our SENSORI+ essence, our serums are lighter than moisturiser and nourish deep into the skin for targeted results.

SENSORI+’s Clarifying and Strengthening Serum enriches and rejuvenates the skin with good bacteria for smoother and softer skin. Probiotic kombucha smooths the skin and improves skin health, balancing the skin’s microbiological environment so the skin can benefit from good bacteria. Prebiotic artichoke nourishes cells with healthy probiotics, minimising pores, building collagen and activating moisture retention for a smooth, youthful appearance. Hemp seed oil nourishes and rejuvenates, enhancing the skin’s moisture barrier for long-lasting hydration to reduce redness and irritation.

SENSORI+ Antioxidant Repair Serum is enriched with high-potency natural ingredients of fig and berry to provide the skin with an intensive boost of essential nutrients and microbiome. Vitamin A speeds up healing and supports the skin’s immune system. Vitamin C boosts collagen production and decreases UV damage. Vitamin E maintains skin’s moisture levels and protects cells from the external environment, and Vitamin K improves blood circulation, reducing inflammation and calming redness. The inclusion of antioxidants and Omega 3 are also crucial for the skin’s wellbeing by protecting the skin from free radicals and sealing in moisture, leaving you with healthy, plump, glowing skin.


Ampoules provide an intensive recovery concentrate, formulated to revitalise stressed-out skin. Our SENSORI+ Detoxifying and Rejuvenating Intensive Ampoules completely regenerate and transform the skin after an intensive 6-week repair. This cocktail of goodness includes hemp seed oil to reduce irritation and nourish the skin’s moisture barrier, olive squalene which aids the body’s natural moisturiser and penetrates deep into the skin, and sea kelp bio ferment to repair pollution damage, soothe inflammation and rejuvenate skin without adding extra oils. After week one, dead skin cells are eliminated and skin texture is smoother, and by week six the skin has a stronger barrier to toxins and an all-day radiant glow!


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