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Introducing Cinnamon Bomb!

Inspired by the mouth-watering aroma of the freshly baked cinnamon buns that adorn the bakeries of the South Melbourne Market…

Walk through the endless aisles filled with bustling joyful people and curiosities to wonder the mind. Let your nose be your compass as you turn to the centre of the market, where artisan meets grocer and where the delectable aromas of food waft towards eager customers. The noise of the crowd ebbs and flows around you, whispering, laughing, discussing and debating, what to buy, what to try next? Which mouth-watering treat will you savour on your tongue? As the distinct scent of cinnamon spikes the air, wander down towards the bakery stall where strong arms shape and press, shape and press forgiving dough into beautiful shapes. Here in the window fresh cinnamon buns lay piping hot. Take a deep breath as you inhale the deliciously sweet scent. You can almost taste them on your tongue. The baker smiles softly as you let yourself fall into cinnamon dreams.

Infused with the aromatics of sharp spiced Sri Lankan cinnamon bark, sweet almond and decadent creamy vanilla, SENSORI+’s Cinnamon Bomb range will remind you of the desserts and delicacies that adorn your happiest moments. 

Cinnamon Bomb 3205 Detoxifying Soy Candle

All-natural and plant-derived, SENSORI+’s Cinnamon Bomb Detoxifying Soy Candle is a way to reinvigorate and refresh your indoor space. With ChlorosPURE® active ingredients, it provides a gentle healing solution to your living environment while giving off the enticing scents of vanilla, almond and cinnamon.

Cinnamon Bomb 3205 Relaxing Muscle Recovery Bath Soak

Transform a weekend bath to a nourishing treatment for body and soul. Infused with natural botanical oils and strengthened with magnesium from Himalayan pink salt for the ultimate easing of muscle tension. This bath soak delivers a relaxing spa experience, leaving the skin supple, well-hydrated and the mood uplifted. Reconnect your mind and your body and feel all at once, better.


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