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Introducing our dream duos: the Spa Retreat Duo and the Immunity Boosting Hand Care Duo

It has been too long since we’ve relaxed in the thermal springs of our favourite spa retreat or given some time and care to the parts of our bodies that do it all, the hands. So for this holiday season, treat yourself or your pals to a dream duo.

Macedon Trail 3441 Spa Retreat Duo 

How we’ve missed the reinvigorating moments spent at our favourite thermal baths, those tucked away under the Swiss Alps, or those stretching out to the horizon near our golden Australian beaches. We’ve missed the serenity of salt on the sea breeze, a warm splash as we fold down into a gentle embrace. Precious oils soaking into our skin, promising well-deserved treatment. A deep massage warming the soul, letting your skin be transported, transformed, finding again that healthy glow from the inside to the outside. It’s time to go there again and find some self care, even from the comfort of home. 

With our Macedon Trail Detoxifying & Soothing Shower Oil your body will no longer yearn for nourishment. This all-natural plant-derived luxury body wash transforms showering into an exclusive, nourishing experience. With ChlorosPURE® detoxifying technology, Macedon Trail lifts away impurities and pollutants on your skin with a delicate foam, while hemp seed oil nourishes and soothes, enhancing your skin’s protective moisture barrier and reducing redness and irritation for a fresh feel.

Follow with the Macedon Trail Detoxifying and Soothing Oil-in-lotion to transform worn skin into a state of hydrated freshness with an array of all-natural, plant-derived ingredients. Infused with probiotic kombucha and precious botanic oils, this silky oil-in-lotion moisturiser restores your skin’s biological health and strengthens immunity, while hemp seed oil nourishes and soothes irritations for the ultimate after-sun care.

Gayndah Orchard 4325 Immunity Boosting Hand Care Duo

Our hands have had quite the year, with constant washing and sanitising, plus the usual wear and tear, so it’s time to show them some care. Let the reinvigorating scent of Gayndah orchard wash over you, the citrus capital of Australia. Stroll through the golden lit lines of trees inhaling the citrus oils,  full of healing and immunity boosting. This duo is exquisitely blended with hand cold-pressed bergamot oil, delicate neroli and lingering cedarwood notes.

Formulated with 75% sugarcane-distilled alcohol, Hydra Detox Hand Sanitiser meets World Health Organisation recommended standards for hand hygiene. All-natural and plant-derived, this effective-yet-hydrating formula kills 99.9% bacteria on the skin surface, leaving hands clean, soft and fresh.

Pair with our Hand Immune Booster, specifically designed for frequently sanitised hands. A rich and protective hand care, it is enriched with plant-derived keratin, multivitamins and probiotic kombucha to boost your skin’s defence systems and protect it against environmental aggressors.

With these sets you have the ultimate tools to take your body into the new year feeling fresh and reinvigorated. Show someone you care and treat them to a little luxury, or treat yourself, we would too!


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