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Give gifts that matter this season with SENSORI+

Holiday season is almost here and we all know the feeling when you give a close friend or family member a delicately wrapped gift, a presentation of your love, and they tear at the wrapping to reveal a glorious smile lighting up their features. There’s no greater feeling than giving those you love something special, something they want, need and can enjoy. That’s why we’re here. With our SENSORI+ Detoxifying Soy Candles there is something for everybody, so you can give more than a gift, give them a moment to enjoy again and again! 

For those who love to entertain

We’ve all got a friend who puts their hand up to host every time there’s a get together. They’ll have decorations on the wall, a feast for plenty, even napkins to suit the colour scheme. They almost think of everything, but a little ambience goes a long way. When you gift them a Detoxifying Soy Candle from our Travel Nostalgia Collection you offer them the chance to take their guests to another world entirely! Next time they can serve up home-cooked spaghetti with the scent of our Florence Bells Detoxifying Soy Candle adorning the room, or feel as if they’re among the cherry blossoms enjoying a Japanese feast with our Asakuza Zen Detoxifying Soy Candle. 

For those who love to relax

Our friends and family have worked hard lives, especially over the last year. Show them you see them, appreciate them, and that they can let go and give themselves a break sometimes too! That’s where our Cinnamon Bomb Detoxifying Soy Candle comes in, it adds the perfect homey, spicy scent to complete the relaxing and cleansing atmosphere of a good bath. Plus pair it with our Cinnamon Bomb Bath Soak for the ultimate muscle relaxation, derived from the natural goodness of plants and minerals. Let them enjoy a full sensory spa treatment from the comfort of home!

For those who take comfort in their homes

With the nation-wide relaxing of restrictions many are facing social fatigue, we’re no longer as extroverted as we were! Show your friends that you’re there for them, even if they prefer to keep to their own space most of the time. Our Cradle Aurora and Barossa Dusk Detoxifying Soy Candles inspired by beautiful natural environments, allow them take the refreshing sense of nature into their own homes so they can curl up with a good book and a cup of tea and feel the pine needles of Cradle Mountain sprinkled at their feet, or imagine the setting sun over glorious vineyards as they relax into the holiday spirit this season.

There’s something for everyone so spread enjoyment and relaxation this season when you gift with SENSORI+! See more on our website.


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