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Our fans talk about the Deep Sleep Collection

Sleep is one of life’s simple pleasures and we believe that it should be enjoyed to the max. We asked our Sleep Collection fans how they get their best sleep ever. Their advice is useful and inspiring—take a look at what they have to say, and see which products help them unwind and recharge for tomorrow.

Melissa | Super Mum
Looks after 3 babies still sleeps like a baby

Is sleep a challenge to you?

Because the saying “sleep like a baby” and the advice “sleep when the baby sleeps” are both not the reality of mum-life. Sleep only occurs when all the kids are in deep sleep, all the adulting is done for the day, your mental load is somewhat dealt with and revenge bedtime procrastination is completed – oh hey, it’s 1.34am. Time for a tête-à-tête with your Overactive Mind until 10 minutes before bub wakes up again.

What did you do to improve your sleep quality?

Taking a leaf out of my baby’s bedtime routine, I established a bedtime routine for myself to teach my myself to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer! Instead of bedtime stories and lullabies, I started using the Advanced Detoxifying Deep Sleep Mist before bedtime every night as a way to condition my mind into recognizing its unique, calming scent as a cue to slow down and rest. By consistently doing this, I am able to not only get more quality sleep but also develop healthier sleep habits regardless of how chaotic my day is.
Right before I hit the pillow, I generously spray my pillow and sheets with the Advanced Detoxifying Deep Sleep Mist. After that, it is just a matter of cocooning myself in my doona as the scent envelops me and works its magic.

Any product recommendations?

The Advanced Detoxifying Deep Sleep Mist is my go-to as it is so easy to use and quick to work – perfect for mums who have zero time to waste!


Tamsyn | Executive assistant
Sleep like you've got no deadlines

Why did you find falling asleep difficult to you?

If you look at my calendar, you’ll find it jam-packed with work, social events, creative projects and random thingies. I am by no means a busy bee because I’m more like 100 caffeinated busy bees in human form. All the buzz is exciting but it also makes it very difficult to wind down when I need to do so. Working from home has also blurred the lines between work and rest so much that it can be hard to snap out of work mode at the end of even the longest day. Hence, sleep becomes something I just fit into my day and most days, I get sleep but not rest.

How did you make your new sleep routine?

As a way to tell myself it is time to stop “doing” and start “preparing for rest”, I created a ritual to help my mind and body wind down and relax. I transform a tiny corner in my house into a completely different space by lighting up my Sapphire Coast Night Before Bed Relaxation Soy Candle with the lights dimmed and all my favourite comfort items (plush pillows, soothing music, favourite book, wine). The gentle, dancing flame and calming scent set the mood towards a good night’s sleep.
On very chaotic days when I need some extra help, I transform my bathroom into a spa with the Advanced Deep Sleep Sapphire Coast Night Before Bed Bath Soak and Sapphire Coast Night Before Bed Relaxation Soy Candle. The muscle-melting warm bath relaxes my body while the tranquil scent fills the bathroom to calm my mind and nerves. By the time I plop into bed, every inch of me is completely ready to sleep, rest and recover.

What are your go-to sleep products?

The Advanced Deep Sleep Sapphire Coast Night Before Bed Bath Soak and Sapphire Coast Night Before Bed Relaxation Soy Candle are the ultimate duo if quality sleep, rest and recovery is what you’re looking for.


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